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By Rosemary Nardone, CHHP, RM

Certified Nutritional Health Counselor

Having beautiful flawless skin is like finding the Fountain of Youth. It is possible for all of us to have healthy, unlined skin but there are certain principles we have to be aware of and pay attention to.  

Let’s start with understanding that your skin is a living breathing organ and requires nourishment from within. The key is that the body cannot survive without good nutrition and no part of our body derives more glowing beauty from good nutrition than the skin. 

What prevents us from achieving these results? There are two underlying processes that make us age, cause wrinkles, discoloring and generally poor skin tone more rapidly than we need to, and are linked to today’s illnesses, including heart disease, cancer and diabetes. They are INFLAMMATION and OXIDATION or FREE RADICALS. 

What is inflammation and how is it caused? Inflammation if nothing more than your immune system’s reaction to toxins and/or poisons in the body. When your immune system is attacked or invaded by substances in your diet, water you drink or air you breathe, it mounts a powerful attack or battle we recognize as heat, swelling and redness in the tissues of your face, arteries and vital organs. While this is essential to keep us alive, it also causes collateral damage such as wrinkling and scarring. It also creates free radicals or oxidants which destroy cells, molecules and tissues causing them to die. 

Harmful substances we need to eliminate and/or reduce from our diet which causes this reaction and free radicals are found in sugar, high glycemic processed foods, pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals. Free radicals cause all living things to age and decay. In your skin, they cause moist collagen fibers that form its superstructure to become dry and shriveled. Then the foundation of your skin shrinks and more wrinkles, spots, large pores, redness, pimples appear. Oxidants also cause inside arteries to become a landscape of lesions and cholesterol plaques. 

In order to be healthy and have beautiful skin, you must control the amount of inflammation and oxidation in your tissues. One way to do this to is to reduce and/or eliminate the following: 

Refined Sugar

Trans Fats


Chemical pollutants, synthetic pesticides, herbicides

Cigarette smoke

Processed foods

Stress which raises cortisol – leading to inflammatory response  

The good news is that our skin is constantly being renewed every day, hour by hour growing new layers of skin cells, but only if you give them the materials to work with. Those materials come only through the blood flowing up and down, in and out, through the capillaries pouring life-giving elements to create beautiful, smooth, unlined skin.  

These elements are first and foremost: 

Protein – especially fish and seafood

All vitamins particularly A, preserves texture, avoid dryness

B complex provided by beans, whole grains unprocessed

C for elasticity and resistance to infection

E protects cell plasma, oxygenates cells, stabilized blood pressure

Minerals such as calcium, iron for blood, magnesium

Olive oil, flax seed oil, fish oil – antioxidants and lubricants

Pure water

Science has found the only to counteract inflammation is by following a plant-based program rich in antioxidants as well as adding the above supplements, balanced in Protein, Complex, Low Glycemic Carbohydrates and essential healthy fats , nuts and seeds. Ten servings of vegetables and fruit per day are essential for creating not only a healthy body but beautiful skin. 


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