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Rosemary Nardone, CHHP, RM

Certified Nutritional Health Counselor

 We know it is essential to feed the skin from the inside with high quality optimal nutrition that is fresh, whole and free of toxic by-products such as pesticides, hormones and other harmful chemicals.

 But what about the outside products we put on our skin to keep it young moist and beautiful from pre-teen through senior years.  Our society today demands  that both  women and men keep youthful to stay in the marketplace.

 The advertising  world of magazines , tv  commercials rules the cosmetic industry offering the most beautiful models as role models for looking like them to sell their products regardless of what is in them at high prices.

  However, the public is wising up that harmful products we use on our skin creates harmful effects such as acne, allergies , large pores even leading to skin cancers; hence, they are making  better choices turning green and researching natural products.  The problem is that some of the natural, more organic, products are more expensive thus raising the question during these economically difficult times “are we willing to spend more to keep our health, youth and looks the best they can be?” 

I personally switched to natural skin care products many years ago and noticed a tremendous difference on my skin – my roseacea calmed down, very little adult acne which use to pop up often, large pores shrunk and the most amazing thing is that my skin has few wrinkles and aging has halted except for gravity which none of us can avoid.  I have not had surgery, get facials occasionally, but cleansers to moisturizers, sun tan lotions – all are natural.  In comparing prices to some name- brands such as Lancome, Estee Lauder, I find prices for natural skin care products to be comparable in some areas but with lots of choices for  less expensive products  on the whole. 

I have had the privilege of meeting and working with one of Florida’s top Aestheticians, Darcy Fanis, at the Regency Health Spa in Hallendale, Florida. People come from all over the world to get her facials and her amazing natural Face Lift -  the results are  unbelievable and lasting . Darcy  is working with me on nutritional  health issues, but was  kind enough to offer her professional views on the value of using natural skin care products and paying the price. Here is what she says:

“I use only professional skincare lines, the products I prefer are all natural meaning vitamins and plant and flower extracts.  The difference is in the health of the skin and as a professional  I can identify if the skin is lacking in some way, I do not promote any over the counter products because I don’t really know what’s in them, they may make your skin feel good, but it is it improving the quality of your skin?  Pricing in natural lines will differ; however, there are shelf  lines which are less expensive like Aveda.    Then there are the Dr. lines such as Perricone and Dr. Haushka which are more pricey but extremely beneficial to the skin.  

 My Facelift Facial is based on new technology centered around amino acids, it is a multi beneficial treatment that focuses on repairing,   increasing circulation and rebuilding skin.  The two main ingredients are Argireline and Matrixy with hexapeptides which help wrinkle depth and signs of aging and stimulate  collagen production.”

 She goes on to express the latest professional  technologies on botox, cosmetic  surgeryand  thermage  which I will write about in future columns. 

The choice is up to the individual, many natural skincare products contain valuable ingredients such as Buttermilk,which contains alpha-hydroxy acid used in chemical peels,  Coconut Oil, providing natural moisture barriers,Almond  oil with Omega 3s, Lavender which tightens the skin and Grapeseed extract which protects the collagen and forms more elastic skin cells.

 Remember nourish your skin from the inside and outside and it will reflect your own natural beauty and glow.

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