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About Little Swing Tree

The Little Swing Tree was a wishing well tree for myself and three siblings while we were growing up.  This beautiful Sugar Maple was where we kids went for comfort.  We had such fun there, climbing, hugging and sharing our hopes and dreams for "what we were gonna be when we grew up".

Little Swing Tree's Great Spirit spurred us on to and gave us confidence to reach our highest potential.  All of us in our own way have achieved and manifested these goals set from childhood with her help.

That is why I honor her as my logo, and I hope her Great Spirit touches and inspires many others to accomplish the same.

My Journey

Food, good, bad and otherwise, played a huge part in my life. It has been detrimental, healing and very pleasurable. As a child, I was fortunate to have grown up in an Italian family background. My parents were insistent about eating everything fresh out of the garden. We always had a garden that we children had to weed in the hot sun which we hated; however, we really enjoyed walking up and down the pretty rows watching seeds become sprouts, then whole vegetables that we picked to eat.

We were taught that “food is medicine.”

I remember my mother using parsley stems on my baby brother’s bottom when he had colic, or picking dandelion greens when they first came up and putting them in salad , using honey and lemon for colds with a little brandy. Worse, was the cod liver oil in fresh squeezed orange juice that we all gagged on. Last but not least, chicken soup with escarole and little baby meatballs was a staple in our house.

This prepared the way for basically good health for me because at the age of 8 years, I was struck down with excruciating pain and was unable to walk - turns out I was born with a congenital spinal defect that required 5 surgeries, the last one completed when I was 18 years old. The interval years were filled with twice weekly treatments, injections, whirlpool therapy, I wore a huge heavy brace to that made my body look chubby and caused me to suffer emotionally at school because of how I looked and walked which was like a handicapped person with my hip moving outwardly to one side of my body. I feel for the obese child today because nobody addresses the traumatic emotional issues of how being overweight leaves self-esteem scars that either are never healed or take years to recover from which, was the case with me.

I was fortunate and grateful that the last surgery healed my spine completely, I was able to walk again and get back to normal. However, the three months in a body cast, unable to move, with nursing care, had a detrimental effect on my nervous system. I suffered from malnutrition as a result of the mineral oil I was forced to take. My mother took me to a good physician who introduced us to vitamin supplementation to get my health back on track (with a light tranquilizer for my nerves). I had such an amazing change with the vitamins that I stopped the tranquilizer and became interested in and began studying nutritional health.

Upon recovery, I moved to California to continue my college education and was guided to beautiful Beverly Hills where I worked for a prestigious law firm as a legal assistant, attended UCLA, and fell into freelance commercial modeling. It was through this field , I again became aware of fitness, health and nutrition. And it made a stronger impression on me. The down side of modeling - and it was mostly up - was noticing the other models starving, binging and purging to keep thin so they could get jobs. I fell into this trap also and it has taken me years to recover from this insidious dis-ease through therapy, healthy food and nutritional education.  Having lived through these challenges, I believe that I am now at a point where I can help others in their personal journeys.

Educational Background

In additional to attending UCLA, I am a Certified Nutritional Health Counselor from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition  (Adjunct Institute to Columbia University) in New York City.  I also have completed training as a reiki master and hold affiliations with the AADP - National Association of Women Writers and the American Society Drugless Practitioners.  I take additional trainings and workshops in the areas of holistic mind-body-soul health and keep abreast of new discoveries to ensure that I bring the best to my clients.

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You must begin to trust yourself.

If you do not , then you will forever be looking to others to prove your own merit to you, and you will never be satisfied.

You will be asking other what to do, and at the same time resenting those from you seek such aid.

Self-knowledge and self-improvement are very difficult for most people.

It usually needs great courage and long struggle.

Abraham Naslow



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