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Services for Healthy Living

Rosemary delights in working with clients around the US via phone as well as in person in her Pennsylvania offices. 

Contact her NOW for your free, 30 minute telephone consultation and see how she can help you live a healthier life!


List of Health Services Offered

>>> Personal Health Counseling and Coaching

I am your personal health counselor/ coach.  I help you find what you need to create a healthier, happier, sustainable lifestyle that meets your unique needs and goals.  There is no one else like you and I don't believe healthy eating should take a 'cookie-cutter' approach.  I am here to help you as an individual to bring out your amazing gifts and enjoy great health and vitality.

>>> Personalized Nutrition Coaching and Cooking Classes for Young Adults Ages 8-18.  Find out more.

>>> Bio-individually designed food plans, recipes and menus: 

Through a careful, scientific intake (including metabolic and ayurvedic testing) I will help you define and design a menu for your specific needs and goals.  We will then explore the delicious recipes, food planning and shopping needs to make the process easier for you to both manage and sustain.

Click here to enjoy a free online holistic resource center.

>>>  Cooking and Nutritional Guidance and Tools

Being healthy doesn't need to be overwhelming and through various tools and health counseling you can find YOUR way to a healthy lifestyle that meets your time and wellness needs. 

>>> Culinary Tips and Time-saving Health Tools

From easy shopping lists and quick cooking tips to learning how to balance healthy eating with LIVING, I'm dedicated to helping you live healthier and easier!

>>> Cleansing and Detoxification Program

Learn to detox in a healthy and safe way with support as you move along.  See details and pricing here.

>>> Ongoing, Package and Short-Term Coaching Available

Some people are looking for someone to stick by their side for the long-term and walk them through each change carefully.  Other's are looking for short, succinct bullets of information to put them off and running.  I offer coaching to fit your needs and help you succeed. 

This is not a one-size-fits-all relationship because I honor the uniqueness of you!

***Contact me for your free consultation!***


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Whole foods have an electrical vibration that connects to each and every cell in our body. We truly are WHAT WE EAT - the food we eat affects how we think, and it affects us at the atomic and subatomic levels. There are massive amounts of space in the atoms that create us. Scientists are even finding that highly mineralized foods can influence genetic expression or DNA. When diet changes, everything changes. What you eat literally becomes your cells, blood, tissues, organs and even your thoughts.

My goal is to help you discover what nourishes you, what frees you, and ultimately what makes your life extraordinary. This is not about acquiring more self-discipline or willpower.

Let me become your advocate to attain the goals you desire!

If you have been wanting to:

bulletImprove your eating habits
bulletFeel confident in choosing and preparing better food for you and your loved ones
bulletUnderstand your cravings, stop binges
bulletTranscend age limitations
bulletFind support and coaching following doctor prescribed programs
bulletFind nutritional support for better lifestyle for the whole family
bulletExperience an increase in overall happiness in your life

My job as your Nutritional Health Counselor is to help you find which food and lifestyle choices will work best for you When diet changes, everything changes.

Your Program includes:

bulletTwo sessions per month in-person or via phone
bulletGroup seminars and classes
bulletFood Tours
bulletBooks, CDs, handouts and other important material to further educate you
bulletMonthly Newsletter Access to my lending library
bullet24 hour on-call email or phone support

Like many of us, you have probably tried a variety of diets, and managed to do well on some of them. My approach is different - I custom design a program based on bio-individuality. In other words, “one man’s meat is another man’s poison.”

We will cover all of the following:

bulletSetting goals
bulletDealing with cravings and addictions
bulletFood counseling
bulletMaking simple lifestyle changes
bulletTaking consistent actions toward increasing health Improving personal relationships and communications
bulletCooking with ease
bulletMenu planning
bulletBeing healthy on the road and on the go
bulletMaking better food choices at work
bulletGetting support from others
bulletGreater awareness when eating and in life in general

The FIRST STEP toward attaining your wellness goals is to contact me for a free introductory consultation. We will evaluate all of your specific health concerns, your goals and a complete thorough wellness inventory together.

NEW!  Cleansing and Detoxification Programs Available!

Customized as all of our nutritional programs are with a focus on detoxification and healthy cleansing!  Programs usually run for 1 or 2 weeks based on personal needs, though changes may be made for individualized requirements. 

These programs are primarily vegetable-based with juicing, broths and a breaking of the 'fast' for two days.  Specific menus based on specific needs.

One month follow-up with customized food plans available!

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Are you interested in working together but don’t live close by

I also work with out-of-state clients providing full nutritional counseling  service via on-line via email and telephone. 

Contact me for your free consultation.

The Pleasure of Healthy Eating

I love to eat, I love all kinds of food.

My Italian grandmother used to say “even a little bit of poison won’t hurt you.”

The problem is most people can’t stop at a “little bit”.

I believe that food has gotten a bad rap.

My program teaches people it’s okay to enjoy all foods, especially WHOLE foods.

Are you ready to enjoy food again?

Contact Rosemary for your Free Consultation.



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