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“through the years, I have tried every “diet” that is the trend of the moment and nothing has been successful. I have been working with Rosemary Nardone and have found her program to be the most balanced and educational of all I have tried. I think the key is that it is not a “diet.” One does not have to feel deprived or hungry. Every week I am learning about nutrition and what the body needs to be healthy and lose weight. The weight does not come off fast at age 63. I’ve shed about 17 pounds in 10 weeks, but, even more, I feel stronger mentally, emotionally and physically. This is a way of eating I can stay with for life. Ms. Nardone has a great deal of expertise in the field and it is evident that she cares about the health of each of her clients."

Christine L, Denver, Colorado


“Rosemary has helped me to change my life. I have lost 23 pounds since working with Rosemary’s Program. Rosemary has sent me me lots of material help as far as menus, nutritional information, and health news, as well as inspirational help with the biweekly calls. Rosemary has helped me to understand the importance of good nutrition and good eating habits. This would have been difficult to accomplish on my own. I have really learned what it takes to be healthy. Before starting with Rosemary, I had high blood pressure that was controlled with medicine. My doctor has taken me off the medicine and has me checking by BP every day. I have not had to call him to put me back on the medicine, which I attribute to the help from Rosemary. Rosemary has helped me to set reasonable goals every step of the way, and with her help I have achieved my biweekly goals. I still have a few more goals to reach and I know I can reach my goals by following what she has taught me."

Barry N., Hollidaysberg, Pennsylvania


"Rosemary Nardone has been an inspiration for me. Her mind, body, and spirit approach to health and well-being was just what I needed after going through some very rough times.  She has a wealth of knowledge concerning nutrition, and spiritual and physical fitness that can easily be incorporated into a lifestyle that will heal and rejuvenate the body and spirit.  Rosemary models and lives what she teaches which, to me, is the most important aspect of her program."

Darleen Maumus


"Our 6 months together proved to be a real joy and transformational experience. Rosemary, with her gentle guidance, held me accountable regarding my commitment to eating healthier. She also helped me discern the importance of nourishing other areas of my life, such as relationships, career, and emotional needs in order to live a balanced existence. I found our sessions to be a safe and fertile ground in which to share and create healthy goals. Rosemary is a valuable mentor, who continues to support and inspire me, as I follow in her foot steps to become a Nutritional Health Counselor."

Kris Schaffer, Coatesville, PA


"I never imagined that I would be writing a testimonial for some new diet system.  Well, I'm not.  I am writing about a healthy way to treat not only your body, but yourself as a whole person.  Following Rosemary's guidance on better nutrition, I was able to gain more energy, become less moody and drop l5 or so lbs. no counting calories, no point system, no one's keeping score, and no guilt, one meal at a time, one day at a time and the best thing about it:  there's no falling off your diet, no one's perfect and no one has perfect eating habits.  With Rosemary's help, if you have less than ideal meal, no problem.  You can pick up right where you left off the next time you sit down for a meal.  One last thought, don't do this for your wife/husband, don't do this for your kids or a loved one, do this for yourself because you deserve all the benefits from a sound nutritional program that Rosemary has to offer."

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Below is a letter from a satisfied client.


I want to say how valuable our sessions have been over the last six months. Your personal attention and research to customize your program and our sessions to my specific needs was invaluable. You were always prepared with research material above and beyond the scope of what I expected from our sessions. It is quite clear you have a passion along with your knowledge about nutrition and how to live a healthy life.

I very much appreciate your extra research on my health issues and want to thank you for working with me. Most of all, thank you for caring and your genuine interest in my health!




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