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Rosemary Nardone is a Certified Nutritional Health Counselor with training/experience in various holistic modalities and a lifetime of experience in personal development and individual healing.

Her mission is to educate and support people to change and transform their lives by custom designing programs based on bio-individuality as lifestyle changes, not quick fixes.

Rosemary delights in working with clients around the US via phone as well as in person in her Pennsylvania offices. 

Contact her now for your free consultation!

Take your time and peruse this site to find out more about:

Rosemary's personal path to health and well-being;

Individual services offered;

Upcoming classes and events;

What other's say about working with Rosemary;

and more!

And see my new monthly column in The Suburban Newspaper on Nutrition and Your Health!   

See Upcoming Events for details on cooking and wellness classes!

When you are ready to live a healthier, more satisfying life, contact Rosemary for your free consultation!


Now offering individualized programs for teens and young adults ages 8-18.

Give your child the gift of good nutrition for a lifetime of good health.

Find out more about custom programs and cooking classes.



  "I believe we literally are 'what we eat' to quote Hippocrates, and that every level of our being, body, mind and spirit is manifested to this effect."

Rosemary Nardone

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